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Amy is a Margate based designer-maker

specialising in 

mosaics and interiors

Amy graduated from CSM in 2012 with a BA in fine art, specialising in immersive installations and writing her thesis on the fandom of Elvis Presley. She fell into the world of set design after being invited to take part in a film-making residency in Sicily, in affiliation with the Fiorucci Arts Trust, and spent the following decade working as a set designer across the fashion, music and commercial industries, working with clients such as LEGO, Disney and Lazy Oaf.


After relocating to Margate in 2016 Amy launched Margate Location House, a shoot location, boutique holiday-let and artist residency space. Acting as her very own personal set, the house has been continually transformed over the past seven years, and has helped launch a career in interior design. Amy's since been commissioned to design interiors for Dreamland, The George & Heart and indie music venue Elsewhere, and in 2020 she co-designed the now iconic Courtyard Apartment at Margate Suites.


While loving the design process itself, Amy has always been a maker at heart. Wanting to break away from the fast-paced and wasteful production industry, and having always had a longing to master a traditional craft, she decided in 2021 to retrain as a mosaicist. Mosaic making fulfils Amy's innate urge to create but in a sustainable and mindful way, the results being intricate, one-of-a-kind designs which have longevity, and go hand-in-hand with her interior design practice.

Amy has since trained at the prestigious London School of Mosaic, where she's been taught the traditional Roman, Byzantine and Neo-classical methods, alongside an in-depth history of mosaic. Having always loved design which mixes the traditional and contemporary, Amy's mosaics borrow from the rich history of the craft while integrating her recognisable signature style. 

Working from her studio in Margate, Amy now makes mosaics for domestic and commercial clients. While working primarily on a commissions basis, a selection of limited edition items - all made-to-order - will soon be available to buy via her online shop. Amy also runs mosaic workshops.


For more information on commissions, workshop & bookings for Margate Location House, get in touch




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